Apr 29, 2021

Improve your Health, Wellbeing and Quality of life today

The HIP is a registered health professional who has completed training in the Te Tumu Waiora model and is part of the general practice team, offering focused evidence-based interventions.
The HIP offers support for people of all ages with any issues that are impacting their health and well-being, for example stress, physical health, health choices, pain, anxiety, long term conditions, sleep, relationship problems, depression, alcohol and drug issues, children with behaviour issues etc.

The HC offers support to outreach & engagement, focus on healthy eating, physical activity, talking medication and managing stress etc.
The service is FREE for enrolled patients. The HIP & HC is available Monday to Friday (9am-4pm) with 20–25-minute appointments which can be booked in advance with our reception team or on a walk-in basis.

Improve your health & wellbeing

Improve your health