Bakerfield Field Medical & Urgent Care Approved COVID-19 Swabbing Centre

Fast, safe, outdoor Covid testing is available at Bakerfield Medical between 8am and 5pm (Mon-Fri) & 9am – 1pm (Sat-Sun). Bakerfield Medical is a designated Covid Swabbing Centre, Testing is done on a drive-through basis.  You arrive, stay in your car and either phone reception or speak to attendants who take your details, print forms and stickers, and then take a nasal swab.  We do our best to take the swabs as gently as possible, but it can be a bit uncomfortable.  It is very quick.

We understand your time is precious and we pride ourselves on doing our Covid test fast.  People working for companies who require repeat testing are even faster as once they’ve been for a first test; we can process them more quickly. 

Pre- Departure Flight COVID-19 Testing

Fast, safe, outdoor Pre- Departure Flight Covid testing is available at Bakerfield Medical between 8am and 5pm (Mon-Fri) & 9am – 1pm (Sat-Sun). Pre-departure COVID-19 testing and certification is $250. Please call us on 09 263 7770 prior to attending the clinic for the test. Please attend the clinic 72 hours BEFORE YOUR RESULT IS REQUIRED. It is the individual's responsibility to ensure you provide all required documentation for your flight and country of destination. We take no responsibility for any rejected applications where relevant requirements has not been given in writing to the Medical Practitioner.


7 days (including public holidays)

Phone – (09) 263 7770

Fax – (09) 263 7769

We’re located at 16a Bakerfield Place, Manukau City, Auckland

If you require a GP appointment, please book online or phone us directly on 09 263 7770